Yasuoka Laboratory

Research Introduction

Our lab specialises in the study of phenomena using state-of-the-art technologies in multiple fields, such as "Nanotechnology", "Environment", "Energy" and "Biosciences", from a microscopic perspective using Molecular Simulations, primarily Molecular Dynamics. Furthermore, to enhance the speed of Molecular Dynamics Simulations, lab members are also active in the development of special purpose hardware.
 Proteins (Aquaporin and Cell Membranes)

Simulation of proteins vital to living organisms. Details
Keywords: Protein, Aquaporin, Quantum Chemical Calculation
 High Performance Computing (HPC)
Developing special purpose computers to increase the computation speed of MD simulations. Details
Keywords: High Performance Computing, Multi-Core Processor
 Liquid Crystals
Studies exploring the physical characteristics of liquid crystals, such as those commonly used in display devices. Details
Keywords: Liquid Crystal, Phase Transition, Confined Particles
 Micelles (Surfactants)

Formation dynamics of self-assembling surfactant micelles. Details
Keywords: Dissipative Particle Dynamics, Self-Assembly, Micelle
 Hydrate (Clathrate Hydrate)
Physical properties of hydrates for the purpose of natural gas transport and storage. Details
Keywords: Hydrate, Monte Carlo Simulation, Statistical Mechanics
 Nucleation (Droplets, Bubble, Crystal)
Research on nucleation, which is the first step in phase transitions. Details
Keywords: Nano Bubble, Phase Transition, Nucleation, Cavitation
 Interfaces and Clusters
Exploring the interactions between surfaces and molecule clusters/agglomerates Details
Keywords: Interface, Surface, Cluster, Alcohol

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