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講師Prof. Ralf Metzler (Potsdam University)
日時2017年01月25日(Mon) 16:00〜17:30
場所慶應義塾大学矢上キャンパス14棟Discussion Room 9 ディスカッションルーム9(14-219)
概要A surging amount of experimental and simulations studies reveals persistent anomalous diffusion in the membranes and volume of living biological cells as well as other complex fluids [1,2]. This anomalous diffusion is observed for micron-sized objects down to labelled single molecules such as green fluorescent proteins [3].

This talk will first present results from large scale computer simulations and stochastic analysis of the motion of lipids and embedded proteins in lipid bilayer model membranes [4], indicating that increased disorder leads to longer and longer lasting anomalous diffusion. In particular, the motion of lipids and proteins can become non-Gaussian [4]. In the membranes of living cells anomalous diffusion of embedded protein channels can last over several hundreds of seconds [5]. Additional results for anomalous diffusion inside the volume of cells will be discussed.

The observed stochastic dynamics may be ergodic or not, depending on the exact physical mechanisms governing the motion of the test particle. The talk will discuss both effects. In addition effects of ageing will be explained [6].

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